3 Reasons Men Choose Our Canadian Designed & Canadian Made Moccasins

Men are a little rough around the edges, which adds to their appeal. But this fact is apparent in their footwear depreciation over time. Regardless of the activity being performed, be it driving, going for a walk, or engaging in leisurely pursuits, you want to look and feel good while you’re doing it. An excellent way to ensure this is by sporting the appropriate footwear. However, visually appealing footwear isn’t always comfortable, and comfortable footwear isn’t always visually appealing.

The ideal way to prevent sore feet (and look good while doing it) is by modelling comfy footwear that’s easy on the eyes. At Mocs N More, we offer men’s Men’s Smooth Moose Hide Unlined, in sizes 8 - 13 and Laurentian Chief Fur Trimmed Lined Moccasins for warmth, and more for your footwear needs. But you may be wondering why you should choose moccasins over another form of footwear. Here are three reasons…

1. Handcrafted with Quality in Mind

Mocs N More’s handcrafted men’s moccasins are made with authentic leather, or moose hide, to offer first-rate quality. Each pair, whether it’s men’s fur trimmed, Laurentian chief moccasins, triple soled moose hide or anything in between, is produced to last, has the natural appearance you want, and will put more money in your pocket since you won’t have to replace them every six months. 

Men’s Moose Hide Suede Moccasins Lined and Unbeaded with natural Suede colour and are built for comfort and a natural look.

2. Comfort and Durability 

Many moccasin variations are available for sale. And with such a wide selection, you need to buy the most pleasing pair. Ideally, you want men’s authentic leather moccasins that are both comfy and durable. Poorly designed men’s moccasins made from substandard materials will not offer the comfort and longevity you need. Moreover, they don’t provide a genuine artistic design that lends style and elegance to the shoe. 

Authentic men’s moccasins provide a comfortable fit and stylish appearance. And because they are comprised of high-quality materials, the comfortability is further complemented by longevity.  

3. Numerous Styles to Choose From

At Mocs N More, we provide a fantastic selection of Men’s Moccasins that are Canadian Designed & Canadian Made. Our various styles of men’s moccasins are comfortable and look amazing. 

Moccasin Styles

Each men’s moccasin style offers its unique advantages. Here are a few of them you should consider:

  • Men’s Smooth Moose Hide Moccasins: With a natural appearance and snug fit, smooth moose hide moccasins are 100% Canadian-made and designed. 
  • Men’s Smooth Deerskin Moccasins: Lined for warmth and comfort, our men’s smooth deerskin moccasins are ideal for indoors. 
  • Laurentian Chief Moccasins Cappuccino Thunderbird: Handbeaded and doubled-soled, our Laurentian Chief Moccasins are trimmed with authentic rabbit fur and make for the perfect fit conducive to comfort. 

  • Next Steps: Try Moccasin Footwear in Canada

    Whatever type or preference of men’s moccasins suits you best, you will find them here at Mocs N More. We offer a selection of comfortable, durable, and high-quality men’s moccasins that will go the distance while making you look great. 


    Learn more about our men’s moccasins today to find the right pair for you. 

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