Collection: Kid's Footwear - Laurentian Chief & Hiawatha Moccasins

Browse our handmade indigenous artist design collection of kids' moccasins which includes the warm Laurentian Chief Moccasins, the cozy Hiawatha Moccasins and many more.
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  • Baby Wrap A Round Moccasins - Tan
  • Kid's Fur Trimmed Moccasins Lined - Navy Blue ON SALE
  • Kid's Fur Trimmed Moccasin Lined - Indian Tan ON SALE
  • Child & Junior Unlined Moccasins - Indian Tan ON SALE

Boys and girls are hard on their garments and footwear. Some kids deteriorate their shoes before they can outgrow them. Purchasing good-quality kids' moccasins is essential so they can play without worrying about protecting their feet or footwear. Moccasins are ideal for kids as they offer style and comfort. You get durability and a stylish appearance when you purchase genuine kids' moccasins made of authentic leather. At Mocs n More, we carry a variety of Fur Trimmed Laurentian Chief Kids Moccasins. We also have Baby Sizes from size 3 to 6 in a Fur-Trimmed or Wrap Round Moccasin. These make great gifts, and the kids just love them!!!