Hygienic Footwear: 6 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Moccasins

Moccasin footwear in Canada is akin to vast oceans at the beach – they’re synonymous with each other. Your moccasins do more than just keep you warm in the chilly winters, they also add style to your appearance. They subtly project certain qualities about you to others without you ever saying a word.

And with this being the case, it makes sense that you’d want your moccasins to be taken care of and well-kempt so they can continue talking you up wherever you go.

Here are 6 essential moccasin care tips for taking care of your footwear.

1. Leather

In order to clean your leather moccasins, begin by removing the laces, set it to dry, then use a brush to scrub off all of the dirt.

To dispense with the stains, softly polish them using a disk-shaped movement with a moderately wet cloth with a hint of soap. Use a clean cloth to rinse. Then leave it out for it to air dry.

Your best bet is to use a decent shoe polisher and conditioner. It’s crucial to ensure the leathers remain dry. Use a gentle cloth and assist the product with penetrating by using tiny roundabout motions.

2. Suede

Unlike leather, suede is produced from the interior of the hide. Firstly, remove the laces. Take a soft brush to the boot to clean any grime or smoot. Then to remove the stains, softly rub them in a roundabout movement with a moderately wet rag in addition to a touch of soap.

Use a slightly soaked (and clean) cloth to rinse. If need be, you can try a crepe brush for your suede moccasins.

Tougher and more stubborn stains can be cleaned by powdered chalk or even baking soda. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours, and then clean off using the suede brush.

3. Sheepskin

The interior of sheepskin hide is another variation of suede. If your moccasins are produced from inside out sheepskin, you have to clean them using as much delicate care as your other leathers.

Review the Suede section for a cleaning overview for sheepskin.

4. Rabbit Fur

Take care not to implement any superficial product on this, whether it’s a spray or anything else of that nature, as it might be the ideal way to ruin fur’s unification.

Don’t scrub it. And always refrain from putting in excessive amounts of water to clean it. To clean the stains, softly rub it with a delicate rag dampened with a little water and a touch of shampoo.

Rinse the rag with chilled water and dispense with the surplus of soap. Allow it to dry and then shake it or take advantage of a hairdryer.

5. The Lining

In order to rid grime and dust from the interior of the moccasins, use your upholstery tip on your vacuum to clean it. If need be, use water to wet a dry rag and then begin softly scrubbing with an added touch of soap.

If you happen to have any particularly greasy blemishes or stains, shower baking soda liberally on the smudged areas within the interior of your moccasins.

Allow to sit for a few hours and then shake the powder out of the shoe.

6. Subdue the Odors

The primary culprit of smelly odours in footwear is perspiration. Warm and stuffy conditions permit the development and growth of foul odours and bacteria to take hold. For this reason, it’s crucial to allow your moccasins to air out in between uses.

To rid smelly odours, baking soda is your ally.

It has the properties needed to absorb those smells in humid regions. Shower the inside of your moccasins with baking soda and allow them to sit for a night.

Additionally, another tip is to place lemon or orange peels in the interior of your moccasins and let them sit overnight. It’s a natural and popular way to dispense with those pesky odours.

And lastly, UV rays? Not something that’s typically associated with clearing bad odour from footwear, however, the world is full of surprises. The sun’s rays have the ability to evaporate dampness, as well as dismantle bacteria. Put your footwear in the sunlight regularly.

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