The Rich History of Moccasins

We all know what moccasins are, however, very few of us know how they came to be. The origins of this versatile brand of footwear offer a rich history that stretches across a vast timeline. Most closely associated with Native American and early European ethnic groups, moccasins have been in use around the world for centuries.

And their utility has endured as they are still a prominent article of footwear that many people enjoy to this day!

In this post, we’ll explore the rich history of the moccasin from its humble beginnings to its extensive upbringing, to its modern-day resurgence.

If that sounds interesting, then keep reading.

The Origins of the Moccasin

The term “moccasin” originates from the Algonquian language Powhatan term, “makasin”, which simply means shoe. Since then, the term has developed the more universal meaning of Native Indian handmade shoes. The term held up due to this specific ethnic group being the first to come in contact with white European pioneers.

This makes the Native Americans the catalysts for the genesis of the moccasin. They possessed great levels of versatility and resourcefulness in the way in which they conducted themselves and lived their lives.

This is perfectly exemplified in their hunting activities.

While hunting, they used their spoils for more than just sustenance. The hides of buffalo, deer, rabbits, prairie dogs, etc, were all utilized in the production of their jackets, leggings, shirts, and yes – moccasins.

Every portion of the animal was used – nothing was left to waste.

Having their feet properly safeguarded during the cold winter months was of paramount importance to the early Native Americans. And it is said that this is what originally prompted the creation of moccasins.

The Various Kinds of Moccasins

The moccasin is a basic and straightforward shoe. It’s produced from a variety of leather materials as well as from the skin and hides of animals such as moose, deer, or buffalo. Moccasins are known for their toe U-shaped front end, in addition to their soft and warm interior.

Here are some of the different types of modern-day moccasins that are more commonly used:

Laurentian Chief Moccasins

Custom-made and fringed with Orlon Lining that adds both comfortability and warmth. The Laurentian Chief moccasins are beaded by hand and feature double soles to increase the arch for additional support.

Hiawatha Leather Moccasins

The Hiawatha leather moccasins offer a great amount of versatility as you can sport them both inside and outside any day of the week. Relaxing, lightweight, and first-rate value and quality. There are many shoes that tend to become overstretched due to natural wear and tear over time.

However, the Hiawatha Leather Moccasins are equipped with laces that allow for adjustability, which means they will tighten the shoe once it begins to overstretch.

Laurentian Chief Nation Fringe Boots

Designed for comfort and warmth any time of year, these moccasins are elegantly designed and lined in order to be a great option whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the Laurentian Chief Nation Fringe boot’s 5mm gum sole provides a light, “hardly-there” shoe that your feet will thank you for.

Moccasins in Different Cultures

Moccasins are not restricted to just the culture of the Native Americans. A hardly indistinguishable formation and composition were uncovered in Norway, for example. And you can clearly see the resemblance of the design in the loafer.

Moreover, the Mongolians also encased their footwear to safeguard themselves from the cold. And if you can believe it – so did the Australians!

In fact, they are responsible for the proliferation of the UGG, which is often considered to be the predecessor of the moccasin.

Modern Day Moccasins

Did you know that the early European pioneers “settled” for wearing moccasins when they arrived in the New World? They wore them until the importation of their own footwear showed up. However, due to the comfort and safety, many Europeans carried on wearing them even when their own shoes arrived.

This practice has continued for centuries, and in today’s world, moccasins are enjoyed not only for their protection and comfort but also for their stylish appearance, as they have now become more fashionable.


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  • Received my Turquoise Laurentian Chief Moccasins. As expected, they are most confortable.
    Crafted beautifuly andthe quality is exquisite.
    Thank you!

    Claire G.

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