3 Reasons to Consider Women’s Canadian Moccasins

Women love the feeling of a soft, comfortable, easy-to-slip-on moccasin especially when they can be available in various vibrant colours.

At Mocs N More, we offer comfortable and stylish women’s deerskin moccasins, Hiawatha moccasins, Laurentian Chief moccasins, and more. But you may be curious about what makes women’s moccasin footwear in Canada so great. It’s a fair assumption – keep reading to find out. 

1. Authentic Design

Mocs N More offers a beautiful selection of beautiful vibrant coloured fur-trimmed moccasins in Sizes 5-11.  We also provide smooth moose hide triple soled, unlined woman’s moccasins in a natural colour for those who need extra support.

2. Stylish and Fashionable

Our women's moccasin footwear in Canada is the ideal casual footwear, offering the perfect amount of support and cushioning. Women's authentic suede moccasins offer a stylish natural appearance that looks amazing and goes great with many outfits. 

These attributes, coupled with the shoes’ generous display of colour options make it the perfect stylish moccasin for women. Choose a turquoise Laurentian Chief moccasin, or opt for the Aqua Fur Trimmed Moccasin. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a pair that matches your style with the various shades and colours available. 

3. Made With High-Quality Materials

At Mocs N More, our women’s moccasins are a fashion statement for reasons far beyond a chic design. Our moccasins are handcrafted and made from authentic materials that lend themselves to the moccasins’ overall quality. These materials include:

  • Orlon Lining: Excellent for resilience, orlon acrylic fabric is used in sweaters, blankets, and more for its elastic yet hardy composition 
  • Rabbit Fur: Due to its soft and tactile feel, rabbit fur is a popular material. This fabric adds support and comfort to our women’s moccasins 
  • Cowhide Suede: Cowhide suede leather makes our moccasins tough and durable. This robust material allows your moccasins to last, provided you do your part and take care of them properly.

Not all women’s footwear provides quality. For example, moccasins made from inferior materials lack comfort, cushioning, and longevity. To avoid exchanging your hard-earned money for poor-quality footwear, ensure they are produced using the proper materials and from the right craftspeople. 

The Ideal Women’s Moccasin Footwear in Canada 

Regardless of the style of women's moccasins you want, you can find them at Mocs N More. Whether you want a colourful design with a snug fit or a warm feel combined with high-quality materials – we’ve got you covered on every front. So if you’re ready, contact us to learn more about the ideal woman’s moccasin for you. 

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