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Need to keep your jewellery organized in a single place? Shop our indigenous artist design trinket trays. Our trinket trays are made of Porcelain, measure 12cm x 12cm, and are great for bathrooms, guest rooms and office decors. Our Trinket trays are available in 5 unique indigenous artist designs: The Eagle's Gift, Breath of Life, Bear, Mother Earth, and Medicine Turtle. They are also the perfect souvenirs gifts!
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  • Feather Tray
  • Feather Tray - Rainbow Colors
  • Feather Tray - White Feather
  • Trinket/Snack Trays - Medicine Turtle
  • Trinket/Snack Trays - Gift of An Eagle Feather
  • Trinket/Snack Trays - Bear
  • Door & Wall Decor - Eagle in the Wild
  • Door & Wall Decor - Bear in the Wild
  • Door & Wall Decor - Wolf in the Wild